The World of Sepak Takraw

The World of Sepak Takraw

The world of sepak takraw – this sport may not be as popular as various other sporting activities, but Sepak Takraw still has many followers. Also this sport also has its own prestigious honors at the world degree.

Sepak Takraw itself is a sport that’s the outcome of a mix of football and beach ball.

This sport is played. On an area the dimension of a badminton court, complete with internet.
In Sepak Takraw, there are 2 contending groups, each including 3 individuals The world of sepak takraw.

How to play this sport is almost the like beach ball, just using the feet. And every gamer is restricted from using his hands.

In every Sepak Takraw video game, the group that victories the video game is the group that gets to 21 factors first. On the other hand, the variety of sets in each suit is 2 sets.

However, if both groups win each set, there will be an extra set that requires a Tie Damage.

The World of Sepak Takraw
The World of Sepak Takraw

Takraw Playing Methods

In purchase to play Sepak Takraw, every gamer must grasp the 5 basic methods of this sport.

The 5 basic methods, to name a few, are Sila Football, Equine or Turtle Football, Badek or Simpuh Football, Sculpting Methods, and Going Methods.

To play this video game or sport is actually quite simple. We just need to prepare an area with an internet in the center, and a sphere made of rattan.

Sepak Takraw itself can get on an interior or outside area on the coastline.

Sepak Takraw by many as a beautiful sport. This is because the target market will be treated to acrobatic movements from the gamers.

Sepak Takraw itself is very popular in Southeast Australia or europe. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam are nations known to have solid Sepak Takraw groups.

Important Points In Takraw

Here are some points we need to take note of in the Sepak Takraw video game:

Offer, The way to offer in Sepak Takraw is to kick it with your feet. Solution in this video game we also need to do at the same time or Rolling.
Area, Much like various other sporting activities, Sepak Takraw also requires an area or playing location. For Sepak Takraw itself, the dimension of the area is almost the dimension of a badminton court, which is 13.40 x 16.10 m wide.
We can also play this sport inside your home or outdoors. However, with the problem that the building has an attic room elevation of 8 meters from the flooring.

Post and Net Elevation, The dimension of the net or post in the video game of Sepak Takraw is various in each category. In the Men’s category, the elevation or net dimension is 1.52 to 1.55 meters. On the other hand for the Women’s category, the net dimension is from 1.42 to 1.45 meters. The material used for the net is string or rope. When it comes to the dimension, it’s 70 centimeters lengthy and 6-10 meters wide. We also need to take note of the openings in the net, which are each 6-8 centimeters wide.

Football, Sepak Takraw uses a light-weight rattan sphere and the outside is protected with artificial rubber. The sphere must have a circle size of 42-44cm for Boys, and 43-45cm for Women. For weight, 170-180gr for guys, and 150-160gr for ladies.